The Zin Game – Problem Solving

Improve Problem solving whilst team building

A powerful exercise dealing with group communication, leadership, and problem solving. This game enables teams to experience and examine the sharing of information in team problem solving. To study leadership, cooperation, and conflict issues in team problem solving.

We facilitate the game stopping it for additional complexities, discoveries and guidance.  This depends on the group and the companies objectives.

The game is built around the ancient city of Atlantis, where a solid, rectangular obelisk (statue), called The Zin, was built in honor of the goddess Tina.

The structure took less than two weeks to complete. The task of the team is to determine on which day of the week the obelisk was completed and to be able to provide a logical explanation.

We bring along all equipment required and only a room big enough for the team with seats is required.

This game can be played with one team and a minimum of 5 participants to multiple teams and participants. It can take one hour for a small team up to half a day for a larger team and multiple teams.



The Game:

  •  Shows the importance of attentive listening; versus insisting on our own ideas.
  • Highlights that in the midst of chaos, we need to be assertive in communication and leadership.
  • Illustrates that roles can shift in a team, and people take turns being the leader, and a good leader is always a good follower.
  • Reveals that in time-stressed problem solving time, useless information needs to be identified and discarded immediately.
  • Allows the team to realize that as a team, they need to be diligent in communicating information they have. Let the one listening judge its usefulness
  • Is a fun way to bring the team together to develop an understanding between team members