Written advice on a business issue:

Written advice business issue:

Sales, marketing, customer service, operations, accountability, pricing, cost saving, policies and procedures.


We have provided written advice on many topics, with written advice we do not know the customers results. Some examples are here below:


  •   How to create an automatic sales process
  •   How to target your customer
  •   How to handle Objections
  •   How to up sell and cross sell


  •   Competition Crushing Marketing
  •   Marketing strategies for service based businesses
  •   Write persuasive marketing
  •   How to make email marketing work for your business
  •   Video Marketing for newbies

Customer Service

  •  Customer Service Surveys
  •  Customer Service phone calls

Policies and Procedures

  •  We provide templates for your policies and procedures
  •  HR
  •  Complaints
  •  Customer service
  •  Employee


  •   5 step profit formula
  •   Cut Costs and unnecessary expenses
  •   Risk Reversal
  •   Dramatically reduce refunds


  •   Raise prices without losing a single customer
  •   Increase your pricing skills

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