The Whitney Houstons Of Sales Teams

Sales teams are considered to be the performers of the business. They are usually the ones who customers and clients first come into contact with. Therefore, you’ll have to treat your sales teams like famous performing artists who are about to go on stage to entertain and audience – your clients. When it comes to a performing artist who knew how to entertain a crowd, only one artist comes to mind: Whitney Houston.


Let’s face it, if Whitney Houston wrote a song about black highlighters, we’d all be using black highlighters today, in spite of how obviously useless it would be. She had one of the most powerful voices in the music industry and for this reason her concerts had always sold out.

When you look at what it takes for her to perform on stage for one night, you will realise that a lot goes into the planning. Every fine detail has to be in tune for the night. First she would start getting herself prepared in her changing room. Once her stylists exit her changing room, her manager enters to ensure that she is in peek condition to perform. After that she will mentally prepare herself for her audience. Every single thing she does from the moment she leaves her changing room to the second she gets on that stage is vital for her performance. She might have had a rough night before arriving backstage, yet she knew that once she was in front of the audience everything has to slip away to the back of her mind so that she could wow the crowd.


In your business your sales team should be Whitney Houston. The vital minutes before the changing room and the stage should be their professional training. The stage is the medium used to communicate to customers – telephones, emails and such – and the audience is the customers. The audience are expecting something phenomenal to happen. Is your sales team able to give them that?

Here’s a simple test: get the weakest ones on your sales team to sell something to you. If they are unable to do that, consider your entire sales team to be weak (after all, your team is only as strong as the weakest link) and then contact SalesPartners Cape Town for professional sales training from industry experts.

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