Understanding your little voice

A few years ago I went sky diving for the very first time. If you have ever gone sky diving before, you would know the strain it takes on your mental capacity. A part of me wanted to jump, while the other part of me (my little voice) screamed “Are you nuts??! You are going to DIE!!” This made the process of jumping  more difficult than I had hoped. My body was frozen as I stood there in the helicopter high above the ground.


That little voice had been my subconscious telling me not to jump. But I jumped and it was a fantastic experience. However, had I allowed my little voice to consume me, I would not have jumped. I would have stayed in that helicopter clinging onto something for dear life. I would not have been able to share my exhilaration of an incredible experience with my friends thereafter.

There are many different aspects to your subconscious. It fills you with an emotion which helps you get through – or avoid- certain situations. It could even stop you from succeeding in life or reaching your ultimate goal. I never knew about this until I read Blair Singer’s “Little Voice Mastery” book, where he explains how to control your little voice in order to live a happy life.


Yes, sometimes fear is good and protects you. Like when you have to walk through a dark alleyway late at night by yourself. Your fear would make you walk the furthest route to avoid that alleyway and the dangers it could bring. But the fear of failure (which, let’s face it, most of us have) would hinder you from taking risks. That little voice in your head that keeps saying things like “you are not going to make it” is the worst fear you could have.

You need to be able to understand your little voice, and control it so that it doesn’t stop you from reaching success and living an extraordinary life. If you would like to know how to win the war between your ears, then click here and purchase a “Little Voice Mastery” handbook now.

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