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Two Oceans Aquarium

“Our agreement and relationships with Sales Partners was timely and appropriate for our business requirement. In addition to bringing a lot more focus, direction, accountability and alignment to our sales business processes, it also helped to create personal growth for some of our staff members. I have no hesitation in stating that our association with Sales Partners was and effective and beneficial one and we received good value for our investment.”

-Iqbal Datay, Financial Manager


DrumKidz Franchisees

“The single best way to express and our HUGH THANKS to You both… is to give a you a bit of a peep at the shifts and momentum generated by YOU at our conference. These comments are ALL in response to YOU directly and the content –ENJOY
“ Excellent!”  “Interesting Experience. Relevant and important to the business”  “I got some really good ideas”  “They had valuable info to share “  “They answered all the questions directly and were very easy to understand”  Franchisees and Franchisor

-(Andy Byskup MD)


SBS Intellect

“Thanks for helping me to get outside of my ‘box’ in the last few months, I am still growing and really discovering many other aspects where I can contribute here at work and at home.   It has been an excellent experience.”

-Angela Sprotson


Malokiba Valves (Pty)Ltd

“Since SalesPartners joined our business, we have achieved our annual growth within 6 months, our growth has been 200% for the year.  I cannot imagine how any business can work without a SalesPartner.”

-Wanda Smith CEO  


ABA Sidibene Cleaning

“Being in the Sales industry is tough, no matter how you look at it, so you always need to stay ahead of your game by being educated by professionals, so that you can be the best you can be. Sales Partners really gives you the proper tools to get the best results possible, after attending a Sales Partners seminar things were put in perspective and I was really equipped with valuable knowledge about sales. Attending the seminar was the best thing I could have done for my business.”

-Sarah Enslin


Brookside Admin

“I started working with Lorna Powe in 2010. My turnover for the 2011 year end is 75% higher than is was in the 2010 year end & I now have two permanent staff. During this period of working with Lorna on a weekly basis, I have also developed a unique franchise idea. Lorna is there to hold me accountable to good business practices & to myself. I accredit a large part of this change in my business to The Little Voice Mastery course which I did with Lorna. It gave me the tools to deal with procrastination & the other things that have held me back for so long.
I highly recommend Sales Partners & Lorna Powe to anyone who is serious about starting a new business or taking an existing business to new heights.”

Kind Regards,

-Debby Satchel


Proactive Executors

“Lorna, thanks again for such a life-changing experience.  I am now moving my business to the point where I can finally work on my business and not just in it!”

-Paula Bongers


Petanque Consultancy

“Working with SalesPartners is like having a Sales Director on board. They bring in accountability, process and discipline to the sales area which has enabled us to increase the amount of sales. Alongside this we are now clearer in the discipline of sales vs marketing, and we are ensuring that our sales and marketing efforts are supporting each other to maximise the value. We have been through a process which started with looking at our markets and is now looking at the sales activities and process. To ensure momentum we are widening the audience to ensure that all staff have a role to play in sales and especially customer relationships. Even though there is usually a lag of two to three months before we make a sale, we are now generating a fresh flow of proposals.. Through using simple techniques SalesPartners keep motivation and activities to the required level.”

-Dr Michelle Booysen PhD, PMP – Managing Director  


Petanque Consultancy

“Before we worked with the SalesPartners team we thought we had our sales processes in order but after doing the Business Performance Review we knew something was missing. It was clear that there was a lack of accountability and feedback mechanisms. SalesPartners assisted us in shifting our gears to becoming accountable, ensuring the right feedback mechanisms were in place and in focusing on specific targets, as opposed to using the shotgun approach.”

-Justin Siljeur Petanque