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The Sales Process Gone Wrong

The Situation A professional services company had a number of trainee sales reps. None of them hit their sales targets. The MD was irritated because they had a great direct-mail program that was pulling in many calls. However, the conversion rate from call to sale was low, and generating less sales than projected in the […]

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Selling Ice to An Eskimo

Throughout my years in business, I have only come across a few individuals who had been born with the ability to be excellent sales people. Many of these people do not even work in sales positions, but given the opportunity, they would be able to sell ice to an Eskimo. In reality, we are all […]

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Selling is NOT beneath you!

Another fatal business mistake is thinking that you don’t have to sell anything. Yes, you are a business owner not a salesperson, but if you think that selling is beneath you, you won’t be a business owner either. Whether you are a business owner or the company manager, if you have a team of people […]

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