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Is stage fright becoming a little too frightening?

A short while ago, I was asked to speak to a client in a meeting and explain the nature of my business. Usually this is something easy for me as I love speaking and I have a great understanding of the subject I was explaining. But for some reason, the words could not come out […]

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Creating Great Sales Teams – Entrepreneur Mag

Selling is one of those areas of business that no one really wants to work in. Often seen as a lowly profession and shunned by many, it is the key to any business; after all no sales = no business. http://www.entrepreneurmag.co.za/advice/sales/sales-strategy-and-management/creating-great-sales-teams/

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Rent A Sales Manager

Need a Sales Manager – but don’t want to pay the full salary? For less than the cost of a full time sales manager , your business can reap the benefits of a seasoned, entrepreneurial sales manager. If you’ve been searching or trying to do the job yourself, stop, take a breath, and rent a sales manager […]

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