Business Owners Biggest Complaint Is About Staff! Well it’s Staff Productivity Actually…


I’ve been working with family owned businesses and larger businesses for many years now and employees are constantly the biggest area of complaint. They are unproductive, inaccurate, waste owners’ time, away ill or have a negative attitude. Often there are workplace issues that are unseen.

Discover how to triple staff productivity

We can run this workshop especially for you if there are more than 6 people. Contact us below should you require this. The next public course is in the last quarter of 2013. Contact us for prices and dates.

Why should you attend? What is in it for your business?

Results Expected:

See the people and systems in your business with a different perspective – Understanding WHY people or system are not working or perceived to be no good.

Increase your business experience through the participation and interaction within the workshop.

We work through examples of managing business and role play; how to manage people. Not directly, indirectly, through experiential training.

High Impact – People think they know what this means. If you haven’t been on a SalesPartners workshop … well attend and see

What is the workshop about – it’s about thinking big… Opening your mind to possibilities. We work through case studies within businesses, how to turn around a company, how to grow a company quickly. Thinking big is KEY for any business manager. We all need to think about what and how you are managing the company. To take that step back and see it from another perspective. It is something that affects all of us. A mind set change is required.

How do we do this – by using our experience – applying it to your business – then determining if it will work and what next? So it is practical, applicable and based around who is in the room. It is NOT theoretical, class room style learning. Everyone gets the opportunity to participate, involve and apply to their own business situation – aimed at learning about a business mind-set that you need to manage and grow your business.

Bonus Offer –  Free strategy session with Sales Partners to help you with a key issue. You can book a timeslot when you book for the day.


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