Sales People Profiling

Sales People Profiling

Have you employed Sales People who don’t sell anything? Would you like to find out how you can improve the performance of your current sales team? Do you want to be sure that you have the right sales person before you employ them?

This analysis measures how well a person fits a specific sales job in your organization, so that you can optimize sales performance.

Could you sell ice to an Eskimo? Does your sales staff have the ability to sell, sell, sell? This analysis is designed to profile the style of your sales person so that you can determine where in the sales organisation to place them.

It helps you to understand the strengths and weaknesses in your sales staff so you can direct your sales coaching to them individually, also so that they can work together as a team drawing on each other’s skill.

It will enable you to determine where you can give them further development and training.

The test is completed by attending our offices in Gardens in Cape Town we interview the candidate and then they take the test – the combination of the 2 results in a report we send to you so you can determine if they are the right sales person for you company

Should you be based outside Cape Town we can do the interview over SKYPE and the test by sending you a form.

Every Sales Person has special talents that should be appreciated and developed so that they can enjoy the success that is their due when they are operating fully in the areas of their strengths. Not sure what your Sales teams strengths are? Take the Sales Profile and discover your pedigree – and the talents that come with it. Once you play your team to their strengths, you will explode your communication skills, your sales success and your income!

At R750 plus VAT this is fantastic value for money!

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