Sales Drill & Grill Practice Sessions

These Objection handling sessions are aimed at people who wish to learn and practice how to handle Objections. We discuss the best ways to handle objections faced in daily transactions to improve interaction and self confidence.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It has given me more confidence to handle the objections we naturally face in life regarding our products. You taught me about the emotion we experience when we are faced with objections & that repetition reprograms the brain so that it learns not to react emotionally to situations where emotion is detrimental to us performing effectively. I look forward to attending more of your sessions in the future.”
Debby Satchel, Brookside Admin

“I have been attending weekly sessions of SalesPartners’ Drill and Grill Course. These sessions have taught me a great deal and have helped me tremendously in my business. I can now deal much more confidently both with clients and with prospective clients. Situations that used to cause me considerable stress I can now handle with ease. I am so glad that I came in contact with SalesPartners. I would suggest that any entrepreneur wishing to improve his/her sales technique contact SalesPartners and attend the course.”
Michael Gardiner, GND

“Being in the Sales industry is tough, no matter how you look at it, so you always need to stay ahead of your game by being educated by professionals, so that you can be the best you can be. SalesPartners really gives you the proper tools to get the best results possible. After attending a SalesPartners seminar, things were put in perspective and I was really equipped with valuable knowledge about sales. Attending the seminar was the best thing I could have done for my business.”
Sarah Enslin, ABA Sidibene Cleaning

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