Increase Conversion Rate with Call Centre Training

If you run an outbound sales call center this is the product for you. Excellent service in this industry is not just about handling calls efficiently. The end goal is to make a sale. At Sales Partners, we offer call centre training to improve employee performance and customer service, and ultimately to boost sales. We work towards building the skills of your team by enhancing their strengths and addressing their weaknesses.

We work with your teams to drill and grill with them to increase their conversion rate, increase their commission and make your call center increase sales and profit. It is not uncommon to find even experienced call center employees struggling to close deals, sometimes due to underwhelming selling tactics or inability to handle cold calls. Or Perhaps burning too many leads per close, or are to aggressive and bully people into a sale. We identify these problem areas and come up with potential solutions to maximize your revenue.

Working with your teams twice a week for 3 to 6 months we show them how to improve the way they go about selling on the phone, cold calls no longer become dreaded, and their mindset and morale go up.

Using techniques that differ from the standard team training methods, we also incorporate games and music to create an atmosphere, where the improvements are fun and natural result of enjoying yourself.

Employee satisfaction is crucial to providing excellent customer service. With proper training from Sales Partners, you ensure the happiness and security of your team and develop their morale to succeed. This kind of training is not only beneficial in terms of dealing with your customers but also in terms of ensuring that your employees become goal-oriented, results driven, and determined to achieve outstanding results.

If you’ve been working to grow your business for a while now and things aren’t happening as fast as you want, then we’d like to help you create a Business BREAKTHROUGH. At Sales Partners, we provide you a valuable business strategy that would attract and retain customers and build consumer trust. Also, by ensuring superior employee performance, you reap business benefits that deliver results to your operations and your bottom line.

Are you constantly worried about achieving your sales goals and targets? Do you do everything in your ability to close that important sale, but to no avail? Are you desperately seeking a way to break through your current barriers to increased sales and reach the next level in your call center?

This is the option for you! Get in touch with Sales Partners now to know more about our call centre training programs.

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