Rent A Sales Manager

Need a Sales Manager – but don’t want to pay the full salary?

For less than the cost of a full time sales manager , your business can reap the benefits of a seasoned, entrepreneurial sales manager. If you’ve been searching or trying to do the job yourself, stop, take a breath, and rent a sales manager from SalesPartners Worldwide. You get daily and weekly measurements of sales, activity and results, plus sales team accountability. We make sure they close !

The SalesPartners,  Rent-A-Sales Manager program allows you to bring in the experience of a proven senior sales leader to help you maximize the performance of your sales team.  You can bring in a Rent-A-Sales Manager  for what you really need and you do not have to carry the expense of a full-time salary.

The  SalesPartners  Rent-A-Sales Manager  program serves  as a resource to build and improve the skills and accountability of your team.

Rent-A-Sales Manager Program Features

  • Weekly on site Sales Management Leadership
  • Face to face interaction with the Key person responsible for sales (Owner/ MD etc)
  • Interaction with the Sales Team as necessary – training, process improvement, sales analysis etc
  • Initial analysis of sales, marketing and customer service to determine and agree direction
  • Marketing planning and strategy

Rent-A-Sales Manager Program Benefits:

  • Develop accountability within the team, which means a higher level of professionalism, more productivity with better results, and sales team maturity
  • Implementation of a sales system that is target driven, results focused, and measured
  • Assist to develop a marketing plan for the business
  • To develop key sales skills within the team, such as objection handling, and ‘elevator pitch’. Effectively growing the required sales abilities through skills transfer.
  • Develop the whole team into a sales focused organization
  • Assist and drive the sales team to achieve set targets
  • Assist with determination of product value add, profitability, and pricing
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