There is power in numbers

If you – like the majority of people living in Cape Town- use the public train late at night, you know for a fact that it is safer when you travel either with someone else or in a carriage that has more people in it. Only someone who is desperate to get robbed –or worse – would opt for an empty first class carriage at any time of the day. It is extremely dangerous.


When running a business, you need to understand the concept of numbers and the power they have. The only number worse than zero – in any business- is one. For example: one key client, one key member of staff, one marketing strategy, one everything… One is not a good number, and it surely doesn’t have any power. If you only have one client, what happens when you lose that client? If you only have one key member of staff, what happens when that staff member falls ill or decides to leave your company? What happens is that your business would become insolvent. Is that something you might be interested in? Surely not.


So, if you are interested in adding more numbers to your business, contact your nearest SalesPartner. We have expert knowledge of ways to help you increase your business growth and revenue. Like we have previously done with many other companies, we will take your ONE and triple it within 90 days, guaranteed. All you need to do is fill out a contact form and we’ll call you back. You could also book a 30 minute telephone meeting, or an hour meeting at your office with one of our professionals if you are interested in seeing just how powerful numbers can be. Increasing your business revenue and living the life you have always dreamed of, has never been this easy.

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