We offer two types of consulting:


  1. Fixed Cost Email Consulting – We take your instructions via our online request form. We quote you a fixed fee that, if accepted, you pay upfront; and we deliver the requested work to you within an agreed timeframe by email. It’s efficient, easy and there are no nasty surprises when it comes to the bill. A modern way of business consulting.
  2. Traditional Consulting – You contact us and request a face-to-face or telephonic consultation. We consult with you and afterwards do any work that you require us to do. We send you the work and bill you for our time afterwards. The traditional business way.

Examples of  Consultations available from us:

  • Written advice on a business issue: sales, marketing, customer service, operations, accountability, pricing, cost saving, policies and procedures.
  • Document design or preparation, review and advice: pricing spreadsheets, marketing plans and schedules, business plans, operational dashboards, HR policies and procedures, sales processes, other policies and procedures
  • Projects: business strategy, marketing strategy, systemisation strategy, succession planning and execution (parent to son/daughter etc.), Policy implementation, Governance implementation, operational dashboard implementation, Systemisation to ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness, mentoring
  • Devil’s Advocate: we ask the questions your directors/ managers and staff may not
  • Opinions on policies, systems, processes  and procedures, a second opinion when you require it

How the Fixed Cost Email Consulting works:

  • Click on “ 121 Consultation“, or “Email Consultation“ below complete and submit a no-obligations request form (including your basic information and an explanation of the business issue and area you need assistance with), agree to the terms and conditions and submit the request to consult privately via email with us or face to face.
  • You will receive an automatic notification of the request by email.
  • The Consulting Team will respond to your request, either with a quote and projected completion time or with a request for more information before we can quote.
  • Accept the quote and make payment.
  • A Consultant will provide you with the requested advice or opinion within the agreed timeframe.

How the Traditional Consulting Works:

  • Call or email us and let us know that you would like to consult either face-to-face or telephonically.
  • We’ll ask you to send through an explanation of the issues you require our advice on and the relevant documentation.
  • Once we’ve reviewed your request and accepted the consultation we will set up a face-to-face or telephonic consultation with you.
  • We provide you a quote and request a deposit
  • After we’ve consulted with you we’ll do any agreed further work that you require.
  • We’ll send you the bill.
  • If the consultation runs over a number of months we’ll bill you for our time on your consultation monthly.

All consultations are completely confidential and secure.

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