Mini – Golf Team Building Workshop

Mini-golf team building workshop

This is an event that is linked to charitable donation. It is amazing fun and can be used for any number of people. We do require space (could be outside in good weather) to build a mini golf course.

Team members build a golf course out of non-perishable food items that they first have to source themselves. (This can be done in advance).


These items are later donated to a food bank or charitable organization of the company’s choice.

The teams each build and then play the course that they build. There is a twist however….

Each team has to play at least one hold in one and they are not told this until they have built their course.



The Game

  •   Covers ways to brainstorm
  •   Improves Team communication
  •   Helps team to problems solve
  •   Shows people how team collaboration is vital
  •   Is Tons of fun!