Maze Game facilitation and assessment of challenges – Team Building Game

We facilitate the Maze Game as part of your team building game. This will expose the challenges within your team, bring home the point of Context in the business and show us where your team are focusing at the moment, on Context or Content.  Games are a true reflection of your behaviour. This is a huge learning for the team and management to expose behaviour and attitudes in your business that most probably are holding you back.

The game is in 2 parts, the building of the maze and then the teams have to move through the maze. A minimum of 2 teams with 8 participants each is required.

We will be able to determine what challenges you are dealing with and you can continue the team building exercise if required to analyse and put in place an action plan to improve the team after the game – we can also facilitate this if required. (Taking it to a full day activity).

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The Game:

  • Highlights the current attitude and mindset of the individuals within the team
  • Shows how the whole team operates, and what the current attitude and mindset is for the team
  • Reveals the challenges that need to be overcome in order for both the individual and the team to move forward
  • Allows the individual an opportunity to realise, for themselves, what it is that’s holding them back and what needs to be done for them to work better as a team
  • Highlights the leadership and potential leaders within the team.
  • Indicates whether the individual team members are pushing themselves to be all they can possibly be for the organization
  • Shows the impact for a business to focus on Context vs Content
  • Is a fun way to bring the team together to develop an understanding between team members

The game takes about 4 hours. We require an area of floor space in which to build a maze of at least 9 square meters.  We will bring the materials required.