Marketing Strategy

Traditional Lead Generation tactics fail, whilst Strategic Marketing WORKS

If I could show you an innovative marketing system that creates such an outrageous, lopsided advantage for you that your largest competitor would pay millions of Rands to stop you… would you give me a few moments of your time to show you and maybe even pencil out some strategies you could use immediately to improve your current lead flow, conversions and profitability?

  • Almost all marketing does a poor job of:
    • Capturing the attention of your target market
    • Giving them hope that reading / listening to the ads will give them enough information
    • Facilitating their making the best decision possible when buying whatever you sell
    • The giving them a specific, low-risk, easy-to-take action that will further facilitate their ability to make a good decision…
    • Finally the as should make the prospect feel like they’d “have to be an idiot to buy from anyone else, anywhere, any time and any other price!”

Marketing is an Equation!

  • It never changes
  • It’s based on unchanging true principles
  • It can be systemised and used the same way for any kind of company in any kind of industry
  • If some of the factors change, we don’t have to “freak out” and wonder what to do
  • Just like arithmetic….

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