“Little Voice” Mastery™ Mentoring Program

This “Little Voice” Mastery™ Mentoring program is designed to work with you on a one-to-one basis. It is aimed at leadership through personal development.
You embark on a journey that will positively change your life in a very short period of time. Inside of everyone is a huge and powerful person, able to achieve great accomplishments. Whether those goals are financial, personal, life-style or service oriented makes no difference. The only thing that stops that level of accomplishment and satisfaction is your “Little Voice”.
This program is designed to systematically move the limiting “Little Voices” out of the way, dissolve the self-sabotage that stops growth and drive incredible levels of commitment, passion and energy toward whatever you desire.
The process will drive clarity, focus and championship performance. It is designed to grow leaders and help you to BE the person that can HAVE what you desire. Through your partnering process, you will see, hear and feel the patterns that stand in your way. We then work with you to ensure that you put in place the appropriate and agreed changes.

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“I have spent many years reading books & investigating all the options of help that there are available to businesses & business people. Lots of it is very good & some is quite exceptional. However, time is precious. When I discovered SalesPartners, I was very impressed with the range of support offered. The focus is on growing my business, but that starts with my education.

The Little Voice Management programme is getting to the bottom of why I am still working on my first million, while the strategic planning is mapping out the way forward to take me through to my second. Learning to sell is then the cherry on the top that will make my business exceptional. I find that Lorna is an experienced business woman, who compliments the strong structure provided by Blair Singer who is an Internationally Renowned mentor & trainer.

I look forward to continuing to work with SalesPartners as my business faces new challenges.”
Debby Satchel , Brookside Admin

“I am a personal development junkie. As I have developed over the years, I saw the need for coaching, so each year I hire a coach to help me with my business goals.

I have been coached by MLM University coaches, by Raymond Aaron coaching, by Peak Potentials coaches, by Brian Tracy coaches and Jack Canfield coaches just to name a few you might recognize. Also numerous others, you probably won’t recognize. Recently I have been coached by SalesPartners. I have been blown away at the caliber of the coaching compared to all my other coaching. The Little Voice Mastery Mentoring Program is superb. This has been the best coaching I have ever received, bar none. Why do I say that, because for the first time not only did I get results, I also got many AHA moments. This is the first coaching program I received that confronted my self-sabotage head on. It also encompassed not only the Doing, but the Having and most importantly the Being.

If you are ready to go after your dreams, definitely experience coaching with SalesPartners. It will change your life!”
Charlene Day, Potentials Within

“Just to say how helpful it has been doing the Little Voice Mastery with Lorna. I have definitely found I could identify “going off track” far more easily and having the tools to rectify the situations, as they happened. It has helped me not to lose a complete day while I worried or felt sorry for myself.

The other thing that I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for is, the time we spend on the 1 on 1, as you have identified pockets of myself and boosted my confidence to address issues I had pushed under the bed, thinking that I was not good enough.

My business is going forward in leaps and bounds and so am I, so thanks again for exposing me to the Little Voice Techniques. I have doubled my sales in the few weeks we have been working together.”
Jenna Monk, Eggciting Options



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