“Little Voice” Mastery

Improve your subconscious mindset

Little Voice Mastery Book R200 each


Understand Your Subconscious and Improve your Mindset

How To Win The War Between Your Ears

In 30 Seconds Or Less

– And Have An Extraordinary Life !

Take your FREE “Little Voice” Assesment to find out where your Mindset is helping you – or shooting you in the foot !

Your Little Voice is your Mindset, it affects your subconscious and ability to succeed in the world today. Improve your work, family life and enjoy life more by taking this test and then we can help you to improve your mindset and sub conscious beliefs. We have books for sale about this see below…

You need to be able to understand your little voice, and control it so that it doesn’t stop you from reaching success and living an extraordinary life.

Discover :

  • The huge and powerful person inside you can achieve great accomplishments !
  • How to dissolve the self-sabotage that stops growth
  • What could be costing you and your business tens of thousands of rand per year
  • The Secret to move quickly from procrastination or fear to incredible commitment and energy toward whatever you desire.
  • Techniques and a way of thinking that will drive clarity, focus and championship performance

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Your “Little Voice” is the self-sabotaging chatter in the six inches between your left ear and your right ear. It’s the part of you that sneaks up and knocks you down, in spite of your intelligence, experience or background. What’s awesome is now you can take charge and learn to master your “Little Voice” and create the life you deserve.

This book de-bunks much of the popular thought about personal growth and gets down and dirty with real-world, right-now techniques that will help you make profound changes in your life – immediately. Master your “Little Voice” and master life.

“Little Voice” Mastery will give you the ability to:

  • Maintain your power in any pressure situation
  • Stop the debilitating chatter in your brain so you can attract what you want now
  • Uncover and realize your lifelong dreams
  • Break through self-sabotaging habits
  • Build powerful, lasting confidence
  • Resurrect the hero inside you
  • Embody 21 proven techniques to re-programming the “Little Voice” in your brain in 30 seconds

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