Leadership that teaches others how to be great

Some of the key leadership skills are:

  1. Ability to spot the strengths in others and get them to play to those strengths (however practice makes perfect)
  2. The ability to teach
    1. Teaching your team to be successful by working with them and challenging them to make them successful in their own right. Leading selling motivating and involving people helps them to learn.
    2. Using mistakes to empower and strengthen the team
      1. Find the learnings in the mistakes
      2. Celebrate
      3. Knowing how and when to call a time out
      4. Debrief –

i.      What happened? (facts only)

ii.      What worked (brief and opinion free)

iii.      What didn’t work?

iv.      What did you learn? (look for patterns or results)

v.      What can you do to correct (if it was a mistake) or leverage it (if a win)

  1. Creating and maintaining frequency of interaction
    1. Communicate with each other face to face
    2. Ability to see and communicate the brightness and opportunities of the future
    3. Ability to sell – getting people to do things is selling to them
    4. Champion the code – leaders must do this

According to the roulette wheel of leadership everyone will at some point have to lead.

Team Leadership Drill:

  • Listen to great speeches of great leaders. Listen to their words, strategies and motivations. Model the strategies that will work for you.
  • Practice the debrief model at all opportunities. Teach it to others. Make note of the shift in accountability.
  • Find simple ways to acknowledge wins without great fanfare but with good energy. Use high fives, handshakes etc. Practice them sincerely without trying to schmooze.

Call at least 2 time outs in the next week and check in with the team