I’ve been on sales training before and there’s no value!

If we were to show you a strategy to prevent this from happening and so we worked with you to take you to the next level would you be interested? Obviously it would take 9 to 12 months. Would you like the opportunity to try us out?

Do you know about SWIFT – swift codes that are used for all international transactions? They handle 15 Trillion $ a day. Sales Partners met with their Operations Director and other board members and they were knocked back because what we said made so much sense. What do you think a conversation like that would do for your business? Do you think it would catapult your business to the next level? This is not just sales training but training in a different way of thinking…

Whilst we are new in Cape Town our methods have been used with L’Oreal, Singapore Airlines Deutsche Bank and many other large companies. We are now working with a prestigious local national retailer and financial services provider. Would you like to explore what we do via a half day with strategies that you can actually apply to your business?

Will it be OK with you if I share a compelling offer?

Book us to run a up to half day experiential training and we guarantee you will have fun and learn. We can help you to unlock the value in your business. Would that be of value to you? E mail me lorna@salespartnerscapetown.co.za or give me a ring 021 434 3685 to discuss.

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