Team building costs

How much does team building cost?

We work with you to design a team building session that fits your budget and requirements. Options to be considered are:

  • Time – half a day to 2 days or more if required.
  • Venue – We have a lovely venue suitable for some activities, normally cost of venue is on top of the event.
  • Objectives – Each company may have different objectives if we understand your objectives we can build in specific items to cater for them.
  • Budget – (all values are excluding VAT and for standard team building sessions)
  • Less than 10 people – R4000 for half a day R8000 for a full day
  • 10 to 19 people – R5000 for half a day, R9000 for a full day.
  • 20 to 30 people –R6000 for half a day, R10 000 for a full day.
  • Over 30 people – depends on the number of staff we will require to run the team building.

How much does team building cost? The above is the basic value.