Golf Team Building Game

Golf Team Building Game

Using Golf team building game can not only help to build relationships, rapport and it provides positive reinforcement of teamwork and lets them build inter-personal relationships that can help on the job.

Usually, your team will consist of people with very different golfing skill levels. Differing skill levels occur every day on the job, so this kind of team building exercise is appropriate. To accommodate the varying skill levels of your team members is an important part of building a team.

A side effect of the team building is that participants learn how to play golf. This is especially the case if there are golfers in each team. If the Company sees learning golf as a priority then a Golf Pro can be hired for each team, coupled with golf lessons and putting and driving range practice.

The golf course or Company must provide the golfing equipment required.


We would agree with the Company, ahead of time, what awards to hand out at the conclusion of the event. The course golf pro can help. A long-drive hole or a closest to the pin hole give the golfers something to shoot at. Identical prizes should be given to all team members of the team with the lowest score and of the second and third place teams. Humorous awards like most improved, worst duffer, shortest drive, most outlandish outfit, etc., can lighten the mood as well as give you a way to include more non-golfers in the prizes.