Expand Your Mind, Expand Your Business

This amazing 3 hour workshop is facilitated by Terry Marsh, who is an expert in giving the SalesPartners experience.
Join us for this high energy interactive, workshop!  Expand Your Mind, Expand Your Business

Only R399 including VAT per person

SalesPartners will show you answers to the questions :

  • Do you know why selling is the number one skill – in life and in business?
  • Do you present your company or yourself in such a way to increase business?
  • Have you ever not managed to handle an Objection in the moment, and then 10 minutes later had the perfect answer?
  • Do you understand what stops you, and how you can break through your barriers of resistance in order to expand your business?
  • What is the secret of the Rich? How do they get there and stay there?
  • Why do you have to fail to be a success?
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