An Elevator Pitch Is Not Just For Networking!

Remember the last blog on elevator-pitch? That business that increased their income by 400% in the month that they developed their new elevator pitch. They went from a 5 figure annual income to a five figure MONTHLY income. That’s no coincidence. That’s the power of taking the time to create a powerful and persuasive elevator pitch. That’s why you want to create one immediately for your business and then integrate it into all of your sales and marketing collateral. Find a Sales Workshop so you can do that now!

Your elevator pitch becomes a guiding light. It attracts customers to you in hordes. It drives profits through the roof, and your entire staff is on the same page with a unifying 222blog 22

It reduces differences and bungling of projects within your business by providing a precise focus. It brings enormous success to areas that used to be problematic… such as marketing. It’s the most powerful tool you can own in your business.

Once developed, your elevator pitch becomes your core message… your new “hymn” so to speak. It becomes your “mantra” that you position in EVERY form of communication you use. It becomes the central theme throughout all of your lead generation and lead conversion materials.Social engineering concept

That’s why you may need to spend hours… days… weeks… perhaps even months developing, tweaking and refining your elevator pitch. And you will continue to do so forever. There will ALWAYS be a new and better way to get your message out to your ideal client, and you need to ALWAYS look for that new and better way… for as long as you’re in business.

As conditions change within your industry, you should revisit your elevator pitch. Whenever you add a new innovation to your business, you should revisit it as well. Hopefully we’re convincing you that it’s worth all the time and effort you’ll put into it. And when you nail it… use it well, use it often, and use it everywhere you go.

If you have differing products or services you may want more than one elevator pitch, or if you serve differing markets you may have one for each market. It takes work and dogged discipline and effort. It is worth it. Find out how you can uplift your business by implementing an opening statement or elevator pitch that will bring customers in not only at networking but in all your marketing too.

Your elevator pitch becomes your “millionaire message!”

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