You don’t know what you don’t know

Growing up as a tomboy, I was always hanging out with the boys in my neighbourhood. We would regularly play games that were slightly dangerous, but the one game I liked the most was a game called “Dodge”. It was nothing like dodge ball that gets played in America. In fact, it didn’t involve a bouncing ball or throwing anyone with anything. Our game involved us paddling our bicycles down a hill into the busiest street in our area, and actually having to dodge every car that passes.


Granted, this must have been every parent’s nightmare, but we were children and we did not know any better. We didn’t know that we could get hurt – not many children are aware of the dangers out there – and if the oldest one in the group said it was fun, then it was fun. We learnt from our peers because we all claim to have more experience than the next. However, when our mothers’ heard what we were getting up to, they had all our bikes removed and sent to the local scrap yard.

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The same happens in business: we tend to learn from people who claim to have more experience and knowledge than we do. Unfortunately, sometimes the people who claim to know it all are just as inexperienced as we are – much like my childhood friends. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to talk to professionals who have expert knowledge regarding your business needs. Professionals like Lorna and Terry at SalesPartners Cape Town.

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Someone without expert knowledge would not be able to help you improve your business, and you don’t know what you don’t know, so you wouldn’t be able to do any better. Those “know-it-alls” might actually get you in trouble, but unlike having your bike removed and sent for scrap, you might have your business removed from your possession and be left penniless. To get it right the first time around, contact your nearest SalesPartner right now. This way you speak directly with the experts and not the “know-it-alls”.