Document design or preparation, review and advice:

Document design or preparation, review and advice:

Written advice on a business issue:

Pricing spreadsheets, marketing plans and schedules, business plans, operational dashboards, HR policies and procedures, sales processes, other policies and procedures

Examples and case studies of what we have achieved:

Pricing spreadsheets:

Working with a 90Million Rand manufacturer who were concerned about their profit we helped them to see that part of their pricing was not taking into account:

  •   Cost of money, as their clients were paying after delivery,
  •   Full costs of importing
  •   Overtime costs when clients insisted on fast delivery
  •   Delivery charges

Once we had accomplished this they increased their prices and started to trade themselves into higher profits and prevented further overdrafts and loans from owners.


Marketing Plans and Schedules:

Working with a 9Million Rand service provider who were wanting to increase their sales we worked with them to show them how to understand what was having the best return on investment in terms of marketing and how using a schedule could ensure success. We discovered:

  •   Some of their marketing that was taking the most time/ money was returning the least ROI
  •   One key sales activity had doubled the number of leads
  •   One key activity was missing from the sales and marketing process

Working with them to implement these changes and then putting a plan & schedule for marketing in place increase sales by 18%

HR Policies and Procedures

Working with a 95Million Rand service provider who were suffering from high staff turnover and irregular pay for staff doing the same jobs. We found that staff had no routine HR processes or formal reviews. Anyone at any time could ask for a raise. Equally people were threatened with being fired and even fired then re hired later. All this caused great distrust within the company. We determined that:

  •   Implementing a cycle of staff reviews,
  •   Benchmarking wages
  •   Training people to undertake a review
  •   Implementing employment contracts and other HR governance

Enabled the company to reduce the cost of employing people and training people as the staff started to believe that they were being treated fairly.

Sales Processes

Working with a 55Million Rand manufacturer who were wanting to expand we started looking at their processes and specifically their sales processes and discovered that:

  •  They only had an order process
  •   No marketing was being done
  •   No one knew how to sell
  •   They did not understand which product provided the most profit
  •   Their idea to increase one part of the business would have driven it to the ground as they were not collecting payments in that area

So we showed them how to implement a sales process, do marketing, understand the profit behind their products and collect debt. By implementing key principles in the organisation we enable them to expand by 28%.

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