The role of a consultant

What is the role of a consultant?

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‘The role of a consultant is to improve the client’s condition’ Alan Weiss


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A consultant who is a content expert, who has no process to apply, and cannot transfer skills may be sought to solve a problem.

A consultant who is a process expert has no content, although they may facilitate well they bring no intellectual capital to the table they may enable the team to develop their own way forward.

The real value is the consultant who can apply and transfer skills with an amazing ability to tackle content areas. This is a partner to the client. They can solve the problems by transferring skills and enable the team to add in their own flavour. Usually in a shorter time that the process expert and with a longer term solution that then content expert. It’s sustainable and increases profit exponentially.

Lorna Powe leads the consulting in Cape Town as she really is one of those that add real value. She has worked globally for Blue Chip Companies, learned methodologies to effectively improve how to run businesses, she’s great at transferring skills. Her content knowledge is second to none. Starting her career as an accountant in the UK she moved to IT and systems and then business process re-design. Finally ending up running large programs and then as an executive in a large South African national company.  She’s now able to work with you as a partner in your business.