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Successful Cape Town Sales Training

We specialise in Sales training, as the Cape Town Sales Training specialist we can train your staff is all and any aspects of sales – management, metrics, techniques, sales strategy and sales planning.

“Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman, not the attitude of the prospect.”

William Clement Stone

  • To ensure success of the Training Program and to test and measure the results, we require the following before we begin: (or we can help you to implement this kind of measurements where required)

Current figures for:

  • Conversion rates,
  • Number of calls/ meetings taken by the staff (prospecting and cross sell)
  • Number of calls/meetings  converted to an sale (prospecting and cross sell)
  • Numbers and % for each type of sale for your products and services and across the company – numbers for the best sales staff and for the worst sales staff.
  • We use this in the training where possible, to measure our success rate and the training success rate.

Choices: Type of training

        •We can meet your requirements – anything from 1 hour to a program over 12 months.
•Type: 1 to 1 mentoring and goal setting/ Driving to a goal or group training.
•On Site or Off site
•Each has different costs associated with it



What you have been waiting for

  • Set up fee – R2000 to R 20 000 depending on size of company /products /services
  • Training costs: R4000 to R500 000 for extensive 6 month training program. Depends on number of people and amount of time required in training.
  • Send your requirements – choose from this presentation and we will send you a quote.


  • Any type of training that works towards rewarding results by transforming belief systems and habits must include the following components:
  • High Impact: The training must get everyone’s attention, engage them and be filled with meaningful, immediately usable content.  Our style of ‘accelerated learning’ teaching technology will accomplish that many times over. It must be fun.
  • High Frequency: Beyond the initial roll-out, there must be frequent contact to ensure changes and improvements. This is like going to the gym regularly in order to get in shape. The programs are designed to make that happen.
  • Short Duration: Each interaction must be short and sweet, high energy and to the point so as not to waste time or lose interest.  We also know that the compression of time increases the amount of work and learning that can happen over that period of time.
  • Fun: We use Music, Games,  Role Play and Colours  to ensure that participants want to learn. We also know that the compression of time increases the amount of work and learning that can happen over that period of time.
  • Use of “Little Voice” Mastery: The fastest and most long term results come from training the “little voice” in everyone’s heads. The blocks to sales, conversions, success, team play, communication, cooperation and growth are 90% + “Little Voice” issues. It is the core of what we do.


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