Your business makes me sick…

There is a corner cafe close to my home and I went in there once to buy some milk. The wretched stench that came out of the fridge as soon as I opened it, had me appalled in ways I never thought possible and I ran out of the store as if I was being chased by a bunch of demons. My friends had all warned me about going to this cafe, but being new to the area and being too lazy to walk further than 60 metres from my doorstep, I guess I had to learn the hard way.

Needless to say I have not set foot inside of that cafe again, regardless of its proximity and low prices. I now walk nearly a kilometre to another store that sells the same products at a higher price. I walk the distance every day for the value I know I will receive when buying from them.

My friends had recently told me that the corner cafe started stocking fresher products (apparently they heard me expressing my complete revulsion with another customer), yet the memory of that cafe’s fridge of horrors forbids me from ever going there again.





If a customer finds your product or service to be of lower quality than expected, they are guaranteed never to go back to you again, and it is easier to keep old customers than it is to get new ones. So have a look at your company from an outsider’s perspective and answer these questions: how do customers feel about your products or services? If you have a store that sells fresh products, exactly how fresh are they? Does your product or services repulse prospective clients? How good is the quality of your products or services? If your prospective clients or customers feel that they could get better quality elsewhere, that is where they will go, even if it costs them more.

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