Jump without a parachute!

Learn how to Mitigate Risks with Business Coaching

If you have ever gone skydiving you will know that the worst (and last) mistake you’ll ever make is forgetting to pack your parachute. Imagine that… being way up in the sky and just jumping out of a plane without any safety precautions. Crazy, isn’t it? No one in their right mind would willing do something like that.


Having a business is like skydiving: exciting and scary at the same time. So let’s say that the dive is the decisions you have to make in order to grow your business, and the parachute is the help you will receive in making those decisions.


Many business owners do not realise that there are people out there with professional knowledge who could listen to your business issues and give you sound advice when you need to make a decision. Most business owners speak to their family, friends or lovers about their business issues, and in the case of skydiving, those are the free fallers whose parachutes either don’t work or were not brought along for the jump. Once you jump, that’s it! The only benefit of that jump would be that you would never be faced with another decision again. In a business sense, this jump is the end of your business. Asking someone other than a professional for help when making a business decision could be the end of your business.


Then there are business owners who rely on other business people for advice. They are usually the ones who attend networking breakfasts and try to score free tips from other attendees. They will do exactly what other people in their industry are doing. In this case, they would jump with a parachute but their landing would be flawed so they might get stuck in a tree or land in the ocean.

There are also smart business owners who rely on professional business people who specialises in growing businesses and helping business owners make accurate decisions for their companies. In the case of skydiving, these are the business owners who jump and land flawlessly. At SalesPartners Cape Town we are those professionals. For more information visit our website by clicking here or contact us now.