The Balloon Game – thinking and creativity

The Balloon Game – thinking and creativity

This game is very active and builds teams through working together in a competitive way. It will show the creativity and thinking out of the box capabilities of your team and help to develop them. It is a fast moving game that requires a facilitator for each team plus an extra one to manage the floor.

The game can be built around markets and changes in markets and may be facilitated to show how changes is good and that we all need to be aware of the possibility of change in and out of the organization.

Each team is given balloons which they are required to put into bins and score points. The winner has the most points. Sounds simple? The rules are what makes this fun and keeps participants thinking and moving. It is a ‘think on your feet game’

We bring along the equipment required. We do need a room or space which is at least 7 meters long and has enough space for all the teams to’ huddle’ along one side of the length.

The game can be played with a minimum of 2 teams and at least 5 people in each team. It will take a minimum of one hour and can take half a day depending on the number of people participating.


The Game

  • Shows the importance of attentive listening; versus insisting on our own ideas.
  • Highlights that in the midst of chaos, we need to be assertive in communication and leadership.
  • Shows how the whole team operates, and what the current attitude and mindset is for the team
  • Is a fun way to bring the team together to develop an understanding between team members
  • Shows who can think on their feet
  • Indicates creativity

The Balloon Game – thinking and creativity