5 Tricks Card Game – Communication and Relationships – Team Games for Work

Team Game For Communication and Relationships

This is a team game for work. It shows how relationships and communication are important and that without a common understanding teams fail. It shows how conflict can be managed.

The participants are divided into teams of 4. They practice the game and then have a tournament. Once completed there is a debrief session which brings out the learning’s regarding relationships and communication. During the game conflict has to be managed.

This game is linked to the facilitation of some flip charts which we use to bring out discoveries.

The Game

  • Shows you that people are playing by different rules
  • Sets up an understanding of how you handle conflict
  • Asks you what happens to your communication?  Is it Effective or Ineffective?
  • Shows you what can happen to relationships
  • Develops Trust/Cooperation/Support
  • Indicates to you if you focused on game or your communication and relationships