1-Day Business Growth, Sales & Leadership Workshop

In this intense, 1-day Business Growth, Sales & Leadership workshop your business team will learn a sure-fire process to advance business, identify your true targets and how to achieve them. Attendees will learn the number one rule of business and how to generate wealth using leverage. They will discover how to use the power of marketing and the power of negotiation to generate more income today. Everyone will walk away with their own personalized 90-day, Acceleration Plan to implement immediately.
Event Program Benefits:
• Proven process that will allow leadership and sales teams to learn to overcome the #1 problem in the market place
• Ability to better handle any customer/client objection anytime, anywhere
• 12 Week plan of action for leaders and employees
• Massive momentum shift for company teams
• Negotiating with power and influence
• Insight and consolidation to the power of a ‘ Code of Honour‘
• How to leverage talent to take the company to the next level
• Using practical experiential exercises, the tools and skills you’ll learn will stay with you so they can be applied for an immediate improvement in results

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